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          • Sicily buying BYD buses
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            Beijing 。p。ark enforces stringent regula:tions to ensure safety of visitors [2015/11/21]
            Indian Railway comes to standstill amid lockdo。wn to curb spread of ,COVID-19 [2018/7/5]
            Global Times - 201。0 Roewe: 550 [2019/1/18]
            Volkswagen ea,rmarks another 1.|6 bln euros for investment in China - Glob|alTimes [2019/12/04]
            China urges Philipp;ines to prop~erly resolve Hong Kong hostage ,crisis [2015/7/21]
            Shanghai officially resumes semest|er online, coveri|ng stranded students in Hubei amid COVID-19 [2015/10/29]
            China, SK share |Japa。n concerns [2017/3/16]
            NCP denounces the, coup at。tempt in Venezuela, Expresses solidarity with President Maduro [2016/5/30]
            China,, Russia,: US reach consensuses on Afghanistan issue [2018/10/9]
            Xinjian“g comp“letes poverty al。ert system [2019/10/25]

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